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opening july 2017, if the builder sobers up in time!!  

dont ask x 

opening up x thanks to all

opening up on the 14th July 2017. Thanks to all the team and dont forget this is only part 1 as the club opens up in september ha ha xx

voxx gin 

Exclusively blended gin with a sweet feel that will welcome new & old lovers to gin . 

come in and try x


Finally the second phase of voxx-liverpool is almost completed, with the opening of bASebAR . This a urban street feel of the 80s hiphop, when it was all about the talent and less commercial . Pure music with live events and young raw talented Liverpool acts. We are proud of this city and we cant wait to showcase, with L100 support, LiverpoolTV, we are on verge of discovering the next big thing. We will open with a holloween party to display the space and have fun!!!!

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